Bernard Michaud 1000 Flowers Honey Pail

$ 38.00

Why does this beautiful pail of honey make me so happy? And the honey dipper - admit it - even if you don't like honey, you kind of want to drizzle honey with this adorable honey dipper. If you don't like honey, by the way, it may well be because you haven't tried honey from Bernard Michaud. In the verdant foothills of the Pyrynees , the family business of Bernard Michaud has been handed down through three generations, and over the last 100 years they have acquired enormous experience in collecting and selecting honey and in controlling the quality of their products. Bernard Michaud sets the standard for excellence in their field. This 1000 Flowers Honey is 100% natural, with nothing added and nothing taken away. It makes a fantastic gift for a foodie - and a great French cookbook rounds out the gift nicely!  

26.45 oz. Maplewood honey dipper included.

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