Bring it to Me! Candles

$ 20.00

Lend support to your daily affirmations with these Bring it to Me! candles! Attract what you wish for and fill your home with lovely fragrance at the same time!

Abundance - for success! Cure wealth related woes and ease financial insecurity. Neroli fragrance.

Bonne Chance - for good luck! Erase that stubborn and inauspicious streak! Cancels out black cats and precludes Friday the 13th. In case of walking under a ladder, light immediately! Fleur (floral) fragrance.

C'est la Vie - a fresh start! Sweeps away the cobwebs of stale situations, cures ennui, listlessness and disappointed expectations. Citron (citrus) fragrance.

Les Amoureux - love! Salve for the lovesick and stimulation for the lovers! Mend the broken heart, or set the mood for love. Banish the single blues double quick! Violet fragrance. (Uh-oh - out of stock!)

Burn time approx. 50 hours.

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