Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan

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When Julia Child told Dorie Greenspan, "You write recipes just the way I do," she paid her the ultimate compliment. Julia's praise was echoed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, which referred to Dorie's "wonderfully encouraging voice" and "the sense of a real person who is there to help should you stumble."  Now in a big personal and personable cookbook, Dorie captures the excitement of French home cooking, sharing disarmingly simple dishes she has gathered over the years living in France. Around My French Table includes many superb renditions of the great classics, a glorious cheese-domed onion soup, a spoon-tender beef daube, and the "top-secret" chocolate mousse recipe that every good Parisian cook knows - but won't reveal! Packed with lively stories, memories and insider tips on French culinary customs, Around My French Table will make you fall in love with France - if you're not already! Dorie Greenspan - I'm a big fan!

By Alan Richardson, Dorie Greenspan. Hardcover. 544 pages.


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