Bon Bon Headpiece

$ 569.00

More brilliance from down under! We can't say enough about Stephanie Browne's beautiful creations! Who wouldn't want to wear all of her fantastic pieces? When we get her boxes from Australia, we are like kids in the world's best candy store! Unwrapping each piece with oohs and aahs, we are grateful that this is what we do for "work"! The Bon Bon Headpiece is a dazzling example of Stepahnie Browne's talent for design. A few notes on the pictures - first, the picture on the lovely model involves a few pieces grouped together in addition to the Bon Bon Headpiece, and, second, the picture with the black background shows the piece with combs placed in the middle. The piece we have has the combs placed at the ends, which, we are advised, makes it more secure once in place. Wear it wonderful!

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