Blood Concept Type A

$ 160.00

Blood Concept is a unisex Italian fragrance line based on blood type. Each fragrance is unique, though they all share a common bite of metallic suspicion at the finish. Type A is described as "green and aromatic - a symbiotic relationship with nature - reassuring and clean." Here is what creators Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli say about A: It is pure nature. We like to imagine a tiny little green garden full of vegetable and flavoured leaves. Just think about: walking on green grass through anise, tomato and basil plants. Calming, relaxing, reassuring. It's a peaceful place and we wanted to smell like a comfortable hug of green and clean notes. The only thing I would add to this is the sense of sunshine. I know it sounds crazy, but I have it on right now, and in my mind I'm in their tiny little green garden in the sun. And now I'm sighing with contentment.

Available in 60ml spray.

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