Blood Concept Type AB

$ 160.00

Blood Concept is a unisex Italian fragrance line based on blood type. Each fragrance is unique, though they all share a common bite of metallic suspicion at the finish. Type AB is the most metallic of the bunch, described as "synthetic and individualist - a loner chemist stumbling upon unavoidable changes - uninhibited and visionary." Here is what creators Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli say about AB: It is the blacksheep, the avanguarde. We thought to translate postmodern cities, artificial and cold atmospheres, to a fragrance. It's far from nature, towards technology and progress. Every note surprises the nose with unknown feelings, a completely molecular fragrance that marks the point of no return. AB is certainly cold and even confusing. It is unknown territory, and I do think if a postmodern city, all steel and concrete, can be made into fragrance, this is it.

Available in 60 ml spray.

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