Blood Concept Type B

$ 160.00

Blood Concept is a unisex Italian fragrance line based on blood type. Each fragrance is unique, though they all share a common bite of metallic suspicion at the finish. Worldly and mysteriously, Type B is "woody and spicy - a brave traveller keen to discover the unknown - nomadic and eclectic." Here is what creators Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli say about B: It is meant to become a modern classic, elegant and multifacted composition. We thought about big travels and we like to imagine B as a ship coming from far east full of new spices, wood and fruit. B - it's the one with biggest amount of notes because it's the melting pot one and we wanted it to be full of ingredients and a big personality. I love B for its woodsy masculine notes and its whiff of mystery. I personally find it the most hypnotic and sexy of the bunch. 

Available in 60ml spray.  

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