Blood Concept Type O

$ 160.00

Blood Concept is a unisex Italian fragrance line based on blood type. Each fragrance is unique, though they all share a common bite of metallic suspicion at the finish. Type O is the most broadly appealing, described as "visceral and intense - from the depths of the earth - carnal and primitive." Here is what creators Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli say about O: It had to be the most intense and wild compared to the whole range. We wanted roots, cuir and wild berries, a carnal and sexual composition of raw elements. When getting into its whiff people should think about sex, raw and instinctual sex. It's a really beautiful fragrance actually, and my personal feeling is that when you smell it, you can actually almost taste it on the back of your tongue. Delicious.

Available in 60ml spray and 40ml dropper. (The dropper contains a more concentrated formula, hence the steeper price.)

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