Contessa Bag

$ 54.00

This mysterious little bag is one of our favorite things ever! The opening looks something like a bottle top, and you think, how on earth do I get anything in or out of there? Well, darling, flip the little top open and pull, and it expands to the width of the bag - oooh! ahhh! See the pictures, and trust us - it's cool. (And just for kicks wait until your friends are overserved and challenge them to figure out how it works). Now listen, ladies, this is a little bag - you can fit a lipstick and your cash. And MAYBE, if you have the absolute tiniest phone, that will fit too. It measures approximately 4 inches. The point of this bag is not its utility to heft all your crap around - it is shiny, and eye catching, and a great little conversation piece. OK, I've saved the best for last - it's got a mirror on the bottom! Is that spinach in your teeth? NOPE! Not you! You look perfect! The Contessa Bag is available in bright silver and gold.

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