History Lesson Candle Set (Volume Two)

$ 80.00

We love this gift set of votives! We have been carrying candles from Modern Alchemy's Historical Collection for a while now, but this new set was too charming to pass up! We love the packaging - it looks like a big old book you'd pull down from a dusty shelf and open to find things magical! And there are magical things in this book! Five candles with varied intoxicating scents! Here they are:

Brothel: When unbridled lust is confined within a single sexually charged location, the perfume is unmistakable. A torrid fragrance of sultry orris root, musk, ancient civet, Peru balsam and rarest plai.

Secret Society: From their hidden temples and obscure loges, secret societies practice rites obscure and divine. A powerful blend of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and juniper.

Tincture of Winchester: A fire arsenal of wood stock, 19th century lacquer and smoky gunpowder.

Cake Walk: Kick up your heels in a cloud of Madagascar vanilla, chicory and cotton leaves.

Salem: New England maple, hickory and walnut are set ablaze in a ravenous bonfire consuming the imagination.

Five 2.5oz candles.

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