L'Hetre Reve

$ 165.00

Lights filter from the beams of a granary, the roof imbued with fragments of memories and secrets, a hushed murmur of many epics. The place, cursed to some and cherished within the heart of others, looms silently over an animated banquet. It is the wooden vault, the last bastion separating the sky from men. Two trees brush against the moss-covered tiles and penetrate the hidden crevices of the wooden turret. Amid the frenzy that animates the festivities a young woman gently climbs the stairs. The floorboards creak and a door squeaks open. A cloud of glittering dust swirls between the flirtatious gossip and the stars of aniseed. This plum with almond eyes exudes a sugary secret fragrance. The vermillion rays of the sun filter through the realm of beams and seem to warm the face of a doll with a panama hat. This rooted house rests where the branches of two beech trees entwine.

Fragrance Notes:

Fulgurance: Star Aniseed -  Mandarin - Cinnamon - Cloves

Quintessenze: Sandal - Vetiver - Patchouli - Cedar - Guaiacum - Jacaranda

Métamorphose: Plum - Leather - Musk  

100ml glass bottle. Paris.

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