Sequin Cashmere Scarf

$ 98.00

Fine cashmere with large-ish (1/2 inch) sequins sewn on, this scarf is beautiful and fun! It is one long circle, and you can loop it around once, twice, or three times! We know what you may be thinking - a sequin scarf? Isn't that a little much? Pish posh, we say! This scarf is totally cool! Our little Contessa Siren was lured out on a Saturday night with nothing to wear but a black t-shirt and no time to change - what's a little Contessa Siren to do? Well, she cleverly put on the black Sequin Cashmere Scarf and out she went, looking totally polished. Way to rock your frock little Contessa Siren! Available in black or grey.



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