Seven Deadly Sins Votives

$ 150.00

The Seven Deadly Sins Candles make a fabulous gift to yourself or a friend! Look, we all have at least one dark friend - the former goth chick who still wishes she could wear black lipstick everyday, or the one who is a secret spellcaster or dominatrix. At the very least these votives make the classiest bachelorette gift ever! The look of these is not overtly feminine, ergo these are a fantastic gift for men as well! Each sleek black glass votive has one of the sins scrawled upon it in gold, and each one has its own scent. Hmmm - wonder which sin smells best to you?

Only natural essential oils, some rare and precious are used in the creation of these candles. Combined with a proprietary blend of soy, maple, and palm waxes, the candles are formulated to burn evenly in order to maximize the dispersal of their perfume.

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