Viking Key Necklace

$ 250.00

This unbelievable Viking Key Necklace is reproduced from an actual tenth century Viking artifact from the private collection of the artist who re-creates these fine pieces. It is entirely hand cast in sterling silver with a 22 inch sterling silver link chain. The artist has had the good fortune to have acquired (legally mind you) a magnificent tenth century bronze brooch of Viking manufacture. This sterling replica has been recast directly from the original and has all its powerful presence and charm. We have learned from the artist that archaeological studies in recent years have made surprising connections between the Celts and Viking trading posts in Ireland. It seems both Dublin and Waterford were populated by the Danish Vikings and the Irish Celts who traded and exchanged ideas freely! So how could we resist?! We are in love with this necklace - it's guaranteed to stir the heathen within!

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